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Class Integer

superclass: Number;
instanceArchitecture: #Abstract

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Instance Methods

	protocol: #binding method:
	[## valueIf: aCollection else: absentBlock
					{[3 + 4]. 
					[DateAndTime now]. 
					['Hello, world']} 
				else: ['Nobody here but us Smalltalkers']"
			"| dict | dict := Dictionary new. dict at: #red put: [3 + 4]. dict at: #green put: [DateAndTime now]. dict at: #blue put: ['Hello, world'].
				valueIf: dict 
				else:  ['Nobody here but us Smalltalkers']"
			^aCollection metaValueAtIndex: self ifAbsent: absentBlock
	protocol: #converting method:
	[## coerce: operand
		^operand asInteger

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